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Do your relationships make you feel angry, defensive and stuck?

Are you sick and tired of conflict and frustrated that you can never resolve it?



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Talking for Peace is a programme of workshops that give you a platform to break the stalemate and rejuvenate your relationships through the power of words.

We use the principles of non-violent communication to change patterns of behaviour, to transform relationships and lives - and help you be the change you want to see in the world

Really Saying Something

The Talking for Peace programme is offered by two experienced professionals and has four basic ingredients:

  • Observing what’s said in your communications rather than interpreting it
  • Finding words that define your feelings positively
  • Expressing the needs that drive your feelings clearly
  • Moving from making demands to making requests

Inspired by Marshall Rosenberg’s principles of non-violent communication, we enable you to differentiate between what’s actually been said and what you think you hear and how you react to it. It takes you away from the same old knee jerk reactions and opens up a route to conscious communication and peaceful, nourishing relationships.

You can find more details about all our programmes here and you can book a place on the next available programme  here

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