"I found out about Jadzia by chance one day at my local gym and I haven’t looked back since. Jadzia’s leaflet saying ‘are you fed up of being fed up’ struck a chord with me because at the time that’s exactly how I felt. My career has fast tracked from Team Leader to Senior Manager in the City, to also owning my own Business and Jadzia has helped me deal with and excel every step of the way, she is my secret weapon.

I trust Jadzia implicitly and know that I can email her or pick up the phone and she always finds time to coach me through those crucial split second moments that the corporate work environment poses. In addition to this Jadzia helps me focus on my life strategy ensuring my career, relationships and home continuously meet my expectations.

I found Jadzia 5 years ago and she has been with me every step of the way so I can truly live the life I always wanted, she has also ‘saved my corporate life’ on many occasion…...I’m not letting her go!"