Make every bit of your life fit

Portrait of Jadzia Kopiel

Work. Money. Creativity. Exercise. Spirituality. Love. Whatever elements define your idea of happiness and success, it can be tricky putting them all together - and keeping them there.

Maybe one part is taking up too much of your time and energy to the detriment of everything else. Maybe some have become fused and trapped you in self-defeating cycles and habits. Maybe some pieces are missing all together.

Life coaching with Jadzia Kopiel can help.

Through regular telephone calls and email support, Jadzia will help you define your goals and then agree steps to get you there, piece by piece. It's a proactive partnership that forges conscious change through deliberate action and constant support and encouragement.

Jadzia's approach is emapathetic and fun. And it works.

So, if you're wrestling with some of life's conundrums, start piecing it all together now.

Call Jadzia, +44 (0)7739 476997 or email