"It is hard to put into words how much Jadzia Kopiel has helped me grow into the person I am now. The greatest gift I have received from Jadzia in our work together is that she has guided and encouraged ME myself to dig deep and unearth my own answers. I believe this personal discovery to be far more powerful than someone simply telling you! This ongoing journey is both empowering and joyful but not without challenge. I first visited Jadzia during an unsettling period of change and readjustment following my unhappy return from Hong Kong with my husband and two sons. Jadzia helped me figure out "the wood from the trees" and encouraged me to focus on what positive changes I needed to bring into my life to achieve my goals both personal and professional. She is warm,.caring and supportive whilst at the same time honest and unafraid to encourage you to challenge yourself and those long held views which may not be serving you well. As a result of my coaching sessions I have experienced a significant boost to my self esteem, a far greater confidence in the validity of my own opinions, and I feel far more able to address challenging situations which I had previously shied away from. I have a far more clear sense of self and who I am. Consequently I have taken more control of my life and with this renewed sense of 'me' I am now embarking on training to be a self esteem coach. When things start to slip, and confusion arises, I am increasingly able to draw on the tools that Jadzia has given me and bring myself back onto a more even keel. She continues to be an invaluable sounding board. Furthermore Jadzia's wise words and wide ranging experience helped me to guide and support my twelve year old son as he navigated his own readjustment to a new school and country. This was a very challenging and sometimes distressing time in his life. I feel immense joy and satisfaction when I reflect on the happy, well adjusted and resilient child he is now."

"I cannot thank Jadzia enough for the positive changes she has enabled me to make in my life and for those around me. I am blessed to have her in my life."