"My life coaching relationship with Jadzia began almost 2 years ago. When I began life coaching I have to confess that I held a number of prejudices and perhaps a healthy scepticism against the process. Nevertheless, I felt as though my life was adrift, with little purpose or focus. I also felt miserable in both my professional and personal life but was I unsure how to get out of the rut I was in. In addition to this I was also prone to flares of eczema, which I am certain were associated with my stress levels at the time.

My life coaching journey has been one that has been wonderfully empowering, enriching and liberating. Many fantastic things have happened to me as a direct result of coaching and there are times when I look at the person I am now and hardly recognise the one from the past. I’ve fulfilled and achieved so much in both my personal and professional life, some of which I’d have never thought possible and have gained a really useful toolkit of strategies to use in life! I also feel much happier and content and haven’t had an episode of eczema for eighteen months now. For me life coaching has become an essential part of my ongoing developmental needs and I consider it a worthwhile investment in me.".