"It would be hard to express enough gratitude to Jadzia, or indeed describe just how our work on my journey of self discovery re-shaped my life. My inability to break out of the cycles of my own behaviour had kept me a prisoner for most of my adult life. I was encased in denial and unable to see the worsening impact of my addictive behaviour. Jadzia helped me to find the courage and conviction to claim the full measure of health, power, and personal fulfilment she convinced me already lived inside.

Things are going well, the future is getting clearer- in practical ways. I work hard currently using the steps to truly try and change- where I get stuck- in motivation, motives and old addictive patterns.

Not working is both a blessing and a curse seemingly. Pea soup- your expressive description- except plenty of words and not enough action. But it has led me to look at the core of my worst habits and try build new ones. Somehow financially I managed to survive- and a slow turn firstly now to look for low paid work of any description, but hopefully at the same time back towards art college and lecturing. It's a goal I guess- and I'm right in there- just trying to make the next move forwards."